Flagstaff Railfanning – UP Detour Trains

During the past two weeks, Union Pacific has been detouring trains along the BNSF Transcon route through Flagstaff.   These trains are intermodal trains IDALB (Dallas-Long Beach) and KLBNS (Long Beach-Dallas/KCS*), operating almost daily on BNSF between Sweetwater, TX, and Barstow, CA. Continue reading

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Project “Hill Valley” : Installment 2, Confirming Space Requirements

Perhaps a better title for this installment is “measure twice, cut once” because as it turns out two trips to the Club were necessary to get the building placement correct. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading

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Project “N Scale Modules” : Installment 2, Module Construction

The Sievers Benchwork order arrived just before Christmas, much to the chagrin of the poor UPS delivery person that had to carry the heavy box of wood.  Continue reading

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Project “Hill Valley” : Installment 1, Project Overview

The Hill Valley project involves reworking the existing HO town into a representation of Flagstaff, Arizona in the 1950s. The new scene will emulate the historic depots and businesses along Route 66 in a manner that creates the illusion that the town actually is Flagstaff, when in fact it is just a clever representation. Continue reading

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Project “N Scale Modules” : Installment 1, Project Overview

This past March the Flagstaff Model RR Club was invited to participate in the Flagstaff Home & Garden Show at the NAU Skydome. For that show we displayed two personal layouts (one in N scale and the other S scale), as well as our HO scale Kids Layout. Bringing personal layouts to public events can be tricky and risky, so following the show it was suggested that we build an N scale sectional layout for the Club. The layout could be used for public shows, special events, visiting the children’s ward at the hospital, etc. Similar to the existing HO Kids Layout, the N layout could also be operated by the public under the supervision of Club members. Continue reading

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Contact us!

If you have questions about the club, about club events, have regional events you would like us to include on our Events page, or just want to say “hello”, please comment here.

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