Updating Riordan Mansion Display

Back in February, club members gathered early one morning at Riordan Mansion to clean, repair and update the N-scale diorama depicting the Riordan Lumber Mill.  The diorama shows the layout of buildings in and around the lumber mill as it existed in the early 1900’s, just southwest of downtown Flagstaff.

Riordan group

From left, members Larry Gibbs, John Viggers, Dave Nash, Curtis Diebel and Joe Cluck put their creative talents to work refreshing the Riordan Lumber Mill diorama.  Member Phil Scandura constructed a new model of the D.M. Riordan home based upon many photographs and consultation with local historians.


A view of the diorama within the room at Riordan Mansion:

Riodana diorama entire

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