Who can become a member?

  • Our club accepts new members of any age who are interested in real (prototype) and/or model railroading and who want to learn more about the hobby.  Your enthusiasm is the only requirement.
  • Your level of experience with model railroading does not matter – all of the current club members are always in the process of learning themselves.
  • Your overall knowledge about prototype railroads and the railroad industry does not matter either.  You will naturally learn about real railroads  and model railroading when you hang around the club members who do have experience in these areas, and these members are always great sources of information.

How to become a member:

  • Come out to the club facility on a Thursday evening, or during one of our Saturday open houses, to visit the club layout and to get a feel for what the club is like.
  • Fill out a simple application form.  These are available at the club facility.
  • A member of the club’s board of directors will give you a membership packet of information that includes the Club Bylaws and other information about the club.  You will be responsible for reading through the Bylaws so that you are aware of your responsibilities and privileges that you receive as a club member.
  • You will enjoy a three month “probationary” period after you fill out the application form.  NO dues or fees are required during the probationary period.  This is a period during which you will get to know the club better, and the club will get to know you.  During these three months, you will be allowed to operate the club layout on Thursday nights and attend club meetings and events, though you will not yet be given access to the club facility at times when no other club members are present.
  • Following the three month probationary period, the club will vote to elevate you to the status of full membership, at which time you will be required to pay your dues as indicated in Section 4 (Membership) of the Club Bylaws.  Annual dues are $50 for the entire family (parents & children) and $25 for individual student members.  Once your dues are paid, you will be given the combination to the facility’s locks and you will enjoy full membership privileges and responsibilities!