We enjoy operating the Mountain Pacific Lines HO layout like a real railroad. Visitors are welcome to watch an operating session from our viewing area while club members team up to keep the trains running and switching.  Crew members volunteer for various jobs during each session, coordinated by a dispatcher. We use the car-card and way-bill system for car movements, and radios provide quieter and more realistic communication between the dispatcher and crews.

We are currently working on updating the Mountain Pacific conceptual history and operating scheme, so check back for updates.


We are in the early stages of defining an operating scheme for the Mountain Pacific Lines N scale layout. Historically the N layout has provided the illusion of the railroad operating “far away” on the horizon, in contrast to the up close and personal HO layout seen by visitors through the front viewing windows. The N layout provides continuous running for through freight trains, passenger trains, and local peddler freights between the two main towns of Upper Oildale and Elk’s Summit on South Mountain.

Projects have been approved to improve the overall reliability of the layout, as well as increase the capacity of Baughman Yard, provide better utilization of industry spurs, and complete the Elk’s Summit switching area. These projects will be underway starting in early 2015. Please contact the project leaders listed on the Projects page to get involved or for more information.

Refer to the schematic map depicting the configuration of the N scale portion of the MPL.

N Scale Layout Schematic

Updated 12/2/2014 TF