Final Updates to Riordan Mansion Display

Early this morning members of the Flagstaff Model RR Club performed the final updates to the N-scale diorama depicting the Riordan Lumber Mill. The diorama, located at Riordan Mansion in Flagstaff, shows the layout of buildings in and around the lumber mill as it existed in the early 1900’s, just southwest of downtown Flagstaff.

The final updates consisted of a variety of tasks, the focal point of which was the replacement of the “stand-in” model of the D.M. Riordan family home with a historically accurate model and the addition of the tombstone shaped stone wall surrounding the property. At the sawmill, over 120 rough-cut wood blocks that had represented stacks of drying lumber were replaced with custom made resin castings from Steve Wolcott at Pre-Size Model Specialties. Updates to the sawdust burner conveyor were made and several bicycles were added to the town, as they were a primary mode of transportation at that time.


Shown above from left are Club members Rich Metzner, Todd Pilcher, John Lovely, John Viggers and Larry Gibbs. Not shown, because he’s behind the camera, is member Phil Scandura who created the D.M. Riordan home model.


John Lovely clears excess plaster and ground cover from around the tracks to ensure the trains can make it safely through the crossing.


Rich Metzner and Todd Pilcher are installing the stone wall around the property.


There are 124 lumber stacks drying in the Arizona sun. Go ahead and count them!


Adding the finishing touches.


BEFORE – “Stand-In” Model


AFTER – Historically Accurate Model


The overall diorama with the protective acrylic cover in place.

A special thanks to everyone who helped with our work session today and to Riordan Mansion Manager Nikki Lober for her patience and support.

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