Contact us!

If you have questions about the club, about club events, have regional events you would like us to include on our Events page, or just want to say “hello”, please comment here.

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  1. Eric Lundberg says:


    I have nothing to contribute beyond renewing old memories of the Flag MRC, and of the days it was known as the Northern Arizona Model Railroad Society. I was a member and officer in the 1960s at a time when the club nearly went extinct. I’m glad it survived. I was instrumental in fashioning the name Mountain Pacific and it was my job to obtain the first decals from Walthers. A box car decorated with those decals continues to serve on my HO Sandric & Lake Superior RR in Colorado Springs.

    It’s highly doubtful that anyone in Flag remembers me but the memories I have will be with me forever. I have accomplished a good deal since those days, but a highlight is still the Mountain Pacific.

    Eric Lundberg

  2. Arnold Theisen says:

    Long lost Secretary, Veep, & President of FMRRC, Arnold Theisen here.
    I’ve a small number of Mountain Pacific cars and a couple of loco shells if anyone or the Club would like them for Any member’s use at the Club. I’m finally getting around to building another layout and unboxed all my “stuff” after 30 plus years.
    I called Dave Nash a few minutes ago (~6pm for me), but that’s obviously too early there.
    I now live in Southeast Virginia (Gloucester) and a long story and many enjoyable adventures away from the house I built in Timberline.
    Joined the Club 12/31/76 and have the card to prove it. 😉 Best to all.

  3. Eric says:

    Wonder if you folks are aware that one of your former members (1960s) was president of the NMRA?

  4. John R Pruitt says:

    I am interested in Club Membership information. New resident of Flagstaff. Is it best just to come to a Tuesday night club meeting?

  5. Eric Lundberg says:

    I’m surprised to hear from the Flag club although I’ve not forgotten my days there as a member and past president. I’m happy the group has survived; it had dwindled to 2-3 members when my family and I left in 1968. I’m not very active as a modeler anymore and am current dismantling my 12th home layout (43′ x 34′) in Colorado Springs.

    Eric Lundberg, MMR

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