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If you have questions about the club, about club events, have regional events you would like us to include on our Events page, or just want to say “hello”, please comment here.

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  1. Kevin Cox says:

    Anyone interested in Woodland Scenics 2 straight and 2 corner kits nib and stands? Will sell for half price. I live in Winslow and buyer would pick up here. Ph 928 587 2819.

  2. Ben Wight says:

    I am visiting the area on Tuesday and Wednesday. Is it possible to attend the workshop tomorrow night, the 9th of December?

  3. Bob & Charlene Kozlowski says:

    Happy Holidays Folks!

    My wife & I drove into town for two week holiday stay, but arrived the evening of the 20th… unfortunately, too late to come by the open house. Hope it was a success!

    Wondering if you can identify where in Flagstaff this week yet, that I might obtain some items for my “antique” Lionel train that I bring up every year to put around our Christmas Tree. I have found Flagstaff Hobbies online, but not sure if there are other resources. They are not open on Sun. & Mon. — so crossing my fingers they aren’t heading out of town themselves & will also try going there Tues. — but wondered if you know of any other vendors locally.

    We always are here during this time of year — and miss your “open/guest” Tues. meetings — which may not even occur during this time anyway, but hope to make it to Flagstaff one time “non-holiday” season & visit your layout that looks grand!

    I am also trying to purchase a pattern/plans to build a replica Flagstaff Station for my layout at home as well. And, Thanks for any response you might have at this busy time of year for everyone!

    Best of the Season, Bob & Char (Charlie) Kozlowski
    Garden Grove, CA

    • Ted says:

      Bob & Char,

      Come out to the club this Tuesday evening at 7pm. A few of us will be out there to talk trains. Map and directions are in the links on the blog page. The Fort Tuthill area is very dark, especially now with lights out for the North Pole Experience business being operated in one of the buildings. Also, I believe one of our members has plans for the Flagstaff station.

      Flagstaff Hobbies does not stock much in the store, very few train items and I do not believe anything Lionel. There are no other local sources for model railroad items.


  4. Leslie says:

    We have moved my elderly father to Flagstaff and are doing an estate sale in Tucson. Among his items are some old (vintage – not sure years or details, maybe 50s?) Tyco HO gauge trains, tracks, and misc items. Is that something that anyone in Flagstaff would be interested in? We could bring them up from Tucson. Not sure we would get their worth at an estate sale!

    • Ted says:

      Hi Leslie,
      Thanks for contacting us. I cannot really say if there would be interest in Flagstaff, as we would need very specific details on brands, etc. Tyco brand trains date to the 1970’s and have little resale value, they were produced for the starter train set market and lack a lot of detail. We get a lot of Tyco trains donated to us and we often give them away at train events. If you can shoot some digital photos of the collection and email them, we might be able to offer further advice.


  5. hollyswitay says:


    I’m a NAU graduate student currently in the process of creating a film project on the history of the Flagstaff Railroad and the impact that it created here in Flagstaff.

    I stumbled upon your website as i was doing research. I found your club interesting and very cool! I was wondering if you guys would mind if I stopped by at one of your meeting times to check out the club and who knows maybe you guys can also help me out with more information about the railroad here in town?

    Please let me know what you think, and thank you for your time!

    • Ted says:

      Hi Holly,

      Please do come out and visit us at the club at 7pm on Tuesday nights. Directions can be found at the links on the right side of blog page. Please note that there is new traffic circle between I-17 and Ft Tuthill. Just proceed around the circle to continue straight into the fairgrounds, and follow the road around to the right.


  6. Chris Weiser says:

    Hi, there! I’m an HOn3 foamer here in Scottsdale. I work and run on Scottsdale park layout, as well as the SASME layout in Tucson. I’m interested in visiting your club, and would like to know if I could drop by this Tuesday, Feb 10 at 7 pm. Alternately, almost any other Tuesday would be fine with me.

    • Ted says:


      You are welcome to visit any Tuesday night at the club. Directions are in the links to the right of the blog page. Note there is a new traffic circle between I-17 and the fairgrounds, when you exit and turn right, you will need to go halfway around the circle and continue west into the fairgrounds. We need to update our map.


  7. Hello Flagstaff Model Railroad Club,
    Here is a link to the story that ran on your club last night on our NAZ Today newscast. Thank you for being a part of Northern Arizona’s only newscast.

  8. Eric Lundberg says:


    I have nothing to contribute beyond renewing old memories of the Flag MRC, and of the days it was known as the Northern Arizona Model Railroad Society. I was a member and officer in the 1960s at a time when the club nearly went extinct. I’m glad it survived. I was instrumental in fashioning the name Mountain Pacific and it was my job to obtain the first decals from Walthers. A box car decorated with those decals continues to serve on my HO Sandric & Lake Superior RR in Colorado Springs.

    It’s highly doubtful that anyone in Flag remembers me but the memories I have will be with me forever. I have accomplished a good deal since those days, but a highlight is still the Mountain Pacific.

    Eric Lundberg

  9. Steven Rossi says:


    My name is Steven Rossi and I work at the Flagstaff Area National Monuments. This years is Walnut Canyon NM’s 100th year anniversary and we are celebrating it with a variety of events and activities. Since the railroad was significant in the history of Walnut Canyon NM, we were looking for some help with talks about the rail road around the 1850’s-1920’s. Also, we have a float of the canyon and dwellings that we use for parades in Flagstaff. After this July 4th we would like to see if you could build a model trail around it, we put it out at the visitor center, let kids and families run the train (like speed it up or slow it down) and have somebody from your organization talk about the history of the trains in flagstaff and its significance to Walnut Canyon (Visitors and such). Basically how it helped the town grow which also effected the canyon. That is the jist.

    If this interest you, I can be reached at 928-526-1157 ext 236 or

    Take care

  10. Steven Rossi says:


    My name is Steven Rossi and I work with the National Park Service in Flagstaff. We are celebrating our 100th year at Walnut Canyon National Monument with events and activities. We have an idea for an event/activity that involves highlighting the railroads involvement at Walnut Canyon. It includes using model trains at the monument. I would love to talk to you more about it. I can be reached at or 928-526-1157 ext. 236.

    Education Technician

  11. Rob Richardson says:

    We will be visiting Flagstaff on July 18 to 20. Any chance to see the layout? Rob Richardson

    • Ted says:

      Rob, we do not have any public events during your visit to Flagstaff, but I emailed contact information to you so that we can schedule a tour for you. — Ted F.

  12. Warren Clifford (928 6008315) says:


    Myself and my family recently visited Flagstaff model Railway club on Tuesday open night to inquire about membership. We were graciously helped and recieved the information we sought, and on completion of the required form I am a little uncertain of where to send it, could I simply adress it to Building #3 fort Tuthill County Park or should I just drop or the application on a Tuesday night?

    Thanks Warren Clifford

  13. Ted says:

    Hi Warren, glad to have you aboard. You can certainly bring the form by the club on any Tuesday night. If you find that difiicult to do, I have emailed to you mailing address info. FMRRC does not have its own mailing address.–Ted

  14. Zach Fisher says:

    Hello, I was very interested in the club in th epast but life events at the time kept me away. I feel as if I’m free now and I was wondering if Tuesday the 26th (today) was a good time to stop by?

  15. JIm Bullock says:

    Greetings! My wife and I visited Flagstaff from Chandler over the weekend and we are seriously considering moving to/living in Flagstaff. I am a retired Mechanical Engineering Designer (CAD) and a model railroader since I was old enough to know what a train is! Our main concern is the winter weather. I’m use to it as I come from the NE. My wife is from the Philippines. I operate using NCE and have nearly every scale for Z to G, mostly N and some HO. I’m a member of the Scottsdale Model RR club (HO and HOn3).


  16. naz1team says:

    Hello! My name is Dru and I’m a reporter for NAZ Today. I would like to know if there is some more upcoming events or if we could do a feature piece on your Railroad club? Please call us at 928 523 1165 to see if we can set up something.
    Thank you very much
    -Dru Miller
    NAZ Today!

  17. David says:

    Is anyone interested in buying a vintage Lionel Super O train set from the 60’s? Includes the following cars: #637 engine, #6636 Hopper, #2046 W Tender, #6119 Work Caboose, #6825 Flat w/bridge, #3435 Traveling Aquarium, #3361 Lumber Car, #6636 Hopper, #252 Closing gate, #6817 Flat Car with Earth Scraper, #145 Automatic Gateman, #KUD Watt Transformer 190. Flagstaff location.

  18. Coincidentally (as in David’s post earlier his month), I have a vintage O-gauge Lionel set that my father treasured. Its nostalgic after a lifetime watching him and helping with his model railroading from my age 9 to his passing, to now today be unwrapping his trains, pre-war I believe, from their 1958 newspapers and laying them out. Its time to sell them to someone who can truly use, display, appreciate them, and thereby help my daughter with college costs.
    I wonder if a local enthusiast might like to purchase the set or maybe point me in the right direction. I have all laid out in living room (not set up). Thanks much. Jim.

  19. Arnold Theisen says:

    Long lost Secretary, Veep, & President of FMRRC, Arnold Theisen here.
    I’ve a small number of Mountain Pacific cars and a couple of loco shells if anyone or the Club would like them for Any member’s use at the Club. I’m finally getting around to building another layout and unboxed all my “stuff” after 30 plus years.
    I called Dave Nash a few minutes ago (~6pm for me), but that’s obviously too early there.
    I now live in Southeast Virginia (Gloucester) and a long story and many enjoyable adventures away from the house I built in Timberline.
    Joined the Club 12/31/76 and have the card to prove it. 😉 Best to all.

  20. Bill Kvien says:

    Hello — I have a Woodlands Scenic River Pass HO 8×4 ft. layout built a few years ago by someone I found through your club (Roger Ehrich) who I think is no longer in the area. Anyway the layout has become pretty mych unusable due to derailments on switches and a bridge. It was a Santa present to my son who still wishes it could work. Wondering if anyone would be interested in trying to fix it to work with at least some of our locos. Would offer a fair price we could agree to. I live in Winslow and could get it to Flag and pick up. Thanks ! Bill Kvien 928-386-8033

  21. Msrvin Tye says:

    I have an N-scale 3’x8′ layout depicting the Prescott and surrounding area circa 1940’s -1950’s. Layout began in 2013 nearly 3k invested, health issues and now a lack of interest motivates selling. No one in my family is interested in model RR. It can be seen on craig’s list, type in “Prescott & Verde Canyon RR” in search. Price at this time is negotiable. Hope someone who is interested can continue with the Jerome, Verde Canyon portions.

  22. Eddie Wouters says:

    Good afternoon, I donated some money at the fair this weekend and picked up the train set with the Toys R Us car in it. I am trying to figure out how to hook up the control to the track. I think I’m either missing a piece or have the wrong one. I may also be not be understanding how to hook it up either. I have pictures, but not sure where to upload them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  23. Brenda Schonig says:

    Is this group still active? I have inherited over 80 box cars and 4 or 5 engines. One engine needs to be repaired (I need help with that ) and I have several transformers, gears, gadgets, in fact several box full I do not know what to do or how to connect them up to operate. I inherited them all from my Father and have many years of wonderful memories of him with his trains but he is now 92 and almost blind and of no help to me. Where do I start? I am interested in getting them all up and running again. I just need help getting started and my husband is not interested. OH…Lots and Lots of track. We are building a new home in Williams, right now I am in Gilbert. Anyone up to the challenge to mentor me? Please? Oh they are LGB scale, most are LGB some are USA Trains.

  24. Mike Guinn says:

    Gentlemen, just checking to see if you have started meeting again on Tuesday nights. I know Covid has had many clubs closed and operations postponed. Are you back up and running or do you have an idea when you will be back? Thanks!

    • llgaz1 says:

      Mike – The County Park is still closed for visitors. Ft Tuthill is a testing collection site and we cannot open at present.

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